So, one of the races that I was thinking about running was on June 1 and it was a 30k. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that, but in it’s place… I’m excited to do the Skirt Sports Half Marathon Virtual Race!


On June 1, Skirt Sports will host its half marathon and 5k in Louisville, Colorado. For those that aren’t able to make the trip, they are hosting a virtual race version. The race doesn’t have to be completed on June 1; in fact, you can do it anytime leading up to June 8 (best to do before then to qualify for prizes!). 

P.S. To win prizes —> we will randomly select winners to receive prizes and awards who use the hashtags #’s: #SkirtSports #RUNcelebration #SkirtSportsHalfMarathon

The important details: the Skirt Sports Half Marathon Virtual Race costs $85. I know, you are probably thinking that this is a little pricey for a virtual race, but wait til you hear the goods:

  • $50 Skirt Sports gift certificate
  • Race bib
  • Goody bag full of sponsor deals and samples
  • Finisher roll down skirt ($32 value) or finisher go getter tank ($30 value)


They also have an “upgraded” version for $115 and you receive a $100 gift certificate. Plus, proceeds benefit the Skirt Sports Kick Start Program to help beginner runners find their confidence, strength and passion for the sport. 

I love love love the idea of a virtual race and it’s been on my list to do, so I am excited to participate in this one with Skirt Sports. 

Plus, if you use coupon code RUNNER25, you can save 25% off your registration. 


Have you done a virtual race before? What did you think? 

Anyone in for the Skirt Sports Half Marathon Virtual Race? 

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