The past few months, I feel like I’ve been floundering when it comes to my running. I haven’t had a plan, a strategy or even a race goal… I’ve just been kinda running to maintain my fitness but nothing that exciting or great. 

That leaves you with a feeling of “meh” and makes it not very exciting, at least for someone who enjoys a challenge. 

But… I’m finally ready to share my new plan of attack! I am hoping that this will help me conquer my ultimate goal: a 3:2X.XX marathon. I’ve been stuck in the 3:30s for the past few years, mostly because while we lived in NYC, I was a lazy runner. I didn’t track my time or miles; I didn’t attempt to do speed workouts or anything beyond just running for what felt good.

So of course, with that in mind, it only makes sense that I plateaued as a runner. Now that I have my awesome GPS (review coming soon!), access to a variety of different places to run and some huge goals, I am ready to put in the work to make those dreams come true. 

{i want more happy PR faces like this}


Beyond my goals set at the beginning of the year and my huge goal of a 3:2X.XX marathon, I have a bunch of races in my sights… including:

  • TCS NYC Marathon (Nov. 2)
  • MetroPCS Dallas Marathon (Dec. 14)
  • Chevon Houston Marathon (Jan. 19)
  • Austin Marathon (Feb. 15)
  • Boston Marathon (Apr. 20) <– if my qualifying time is fast enough


So, to make all of those killer, my new training plan:

  • SUNDAY: Easy/recovery miles (3-5 miles)
  • MONDAY: Hills! Hills! Hills!
  • TUESDAY: Rest/cross-train
  • WEDNESDAY: Track day!
  • THURSDAY: Mid-distance run (7-10 miles)
  • FRIDAY: Rest
  • SATURDAY: Long run day


I am really excited to kick it off and actually started doing some of it this week. I love the idea of doing weekly recaps so look forward to those on Sunday. Let’s get it!



What are your “big” dream goals for this year?

Are you currently following a training plan? 

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