It’s no secret that the best way to get faster is to run faster. And the best place to do that? The track. 

This week was the first time I went to the track in over THREE years. THREE. And proof that the track makes you faster —> 

  • In 2006/2007, my marathon PR was 4:00
  • In 2009, my marathon PR was 3:40

…track workouts stopped…

  • In 2010, my marathon PR was 3:31
  • In 2013, my marathon PR was 3:31


So there you have it. Are you ready to hit the track now? No? Well keep reading… 




Myth: There’s no where I can run in my area.

BUSTED: Do you like near a school district? Then, yes, you likely have a place to run in your area. When I was in NYC, there was a track that I could work out at and I made excuses not to go there. Granted, it would have taken up my entire night because it was out of the way… but the trade off would have been worth it.

Down here in Austin, most people find that middle school tracks are the best bet for doing your own track workouts. It might be different in your area. Check with your local running stores or ask around… you’ll be able to find out the best area. 


Myth: I’m not fast enough for the track. 

BUSTED: I have never been to a track where there are rules posted saying how fast you need to run to enter. There is no requirement for a certain pace when you hit the track. I’ve seen people flying like they’re ready to take on Meb in his next marathon and others who are going at their own speed, and both are okay!

Whether you run a 13-minute mile or a seven-minute mile, you need to do track workouts. There is no rule that you have to be fast to hit the track — in fact, the track will make you FEEL fast, which is an awesome feeling. 


Myth: I don’t have a running watch to track my workout. 

BUSTED: While having a running watch or GPS is handy, it’s not necessary when it comes to track workouts. The best part about a track is that you know exactly how far you are going because it’s written on the pavement. How can a run be any easier?! 

Even if you can’t track it, do a track workout. It’ll be so worth it.


Myth: I’m not trying to get faster, the track won’t help me. 

BUSTED: Even if your goal isn’t to get faster, the track can be beneficial. It can give you a new challenge, which prevents you from getting bored in your workouts. The track can also give you a new route, switching up your routine and keeping things interesting. Ultimately, there are several different benefits of running the track, and speed just happens to be a (big) one.


Myth: Everyone will be looking at me and know I’m a newb.

BUSTED: So, have you ever gone running and stared at everyone around you the entire time? Nope, me neither. Running at the track is the same way. People are so focused on their own activities that they probably see you running for about 2.4 seconds. And if anything, they are probably cheering for you in their head (I know that’s what I do!). Besides, you will only be a newb once. And after that, you can call yourself experienced. So, take a step out of your comfort zone and give it a shot!


Track workouts —> Love ’em or hate ’em?

When’s the last time you did a track workout? 

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