Welcome to my first weekly recap post! So excited to start doing this…!

This is also my first week in doing my “organized” training plan — some comments:

  • It was great to have a plan laid out and knowing exactly what I was doing each day… otherwise I tend to be like “hmm what should I do tomorrow?” and usually opt to do something I’ve done a million times before. 
  • I am feeling super out of shape. 
  • I forgot that it will likely be 90* this summer when I’m doing my track workouts after work. Just makes me stronger, right?
  • It is really tiring to run more than five miles in the morning before work… but it makes you feel so good!
  • I’ve always found that there’s an unwritten correlation between exercising more = wanting to eat healthier… this came out again this week. 


Annnnd the recap!

Sunday: 7.5 miles (easy pace)
I told myself that I wasn’t going to wake up to an alarm at all over the weekend so I woke up around 8:30 and decided to hit 7.5 miles on the trails around Lady Bird Lake. I forgot that getting up that much later meant that it was going to be that much hotter… so the fact that I didn’t drink any water before going or bring any with me, yeah, that wasn’t a very good idea. Lesson learned. (this dumb move inspired me to write this post for Examiner —> 7 essential items for hot weather running)

Monday: ~3 miles with hill repeats
One of the things I love about Austin is all the hills. While hills are super challenging, I love running them because you can’t help but feel like a superhero when you reach the top of a ginormous hill. I ran four hill repeats + bonus hill on a side street when I was heading back home. It was tough — I haven’t run hills like this in years and definitely needed. I didn’t try to push a pace and instead, focused on form and just teaching my muscles how to do this again. 

Tuesday: REST

crazyrunninggirl.first-track-workout{i spent my rest day getting ready for track! featuring garmin / mizuno running / lucy}

Wednesday: Track workout – 1 mile warm up / 6 x 400s with 200 rest in between / 1 mile cool down
I think I mentioned that it’s been over three years since I last did a track workout. 


This was needed. So, when I got to the track, I realized that it was 90* and working out in capris and a tank maybe wasn’t the best idea. Since I really didn’t know how it was, I left my water in the car too… which I realize now that I need to bring with me (the track I am going to isn’t too packed, and most runners leave some stuff on the side so having water would be a great thing). I did a one-mile warm up and it felt pretty good… when I hit my 4th 400, I started feeling super light-headed and weird so I took it easy on the 200 rest and the next one. 

crazyrunninggirl.trackday{exhausted happy post-workout}

Like the hills, I tracked this with my Garmin but I didn’t push the pace or pay attention to what I’m running. My goal is to work on these all summer and reveal the difference for before and after to see how much speedier I’ve gotten. 

Thursday: 7.5 mile run
This 7.5 miler was much better than Sunday’s, but my legs were dead from the track workout the night before. I am toying with the idea of switching Tuesday/Wednesday so I have track on Tuesday and rest on Wednesday? 

The most exciting part of this run… I saw my first Texas armadillo! I love armadillos. They are so cute!

crazyrunninggirl.wahl-massage{this made my legs feel so much better… full review coming soon!}


Friday: REST

crazyrunninggirl.vulcangascompany{friday night: checking out vulcan gas company… fun place!}


Saturday: REST
Oops… this was supposed to be my long run day. I opted to skip because we stayed out late on Friday night because we went to a concert and I figured getting enough sleep was better. 🙂 

Total Mileage: 20.75 miles

Rating: C

  • Have a LOT of improvement in terms of getting back to my base pace (injury/sickness set me back)
  • Need to do a better job of hydrating/dressing for hot weather runs
  • Missed Saturday’s long run

crazyrunninggirl.zooma-quote{ZOOMA words of wisdom}



How did your workouts go last week? Are you happy with where your fitness level is? 

What do you think — schedule a rest day between track/mid-long run day during week? 





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