This weekend, we decided to take advantage of our long weekend and head to Pedernales Falls State Park. It’s located about 50 minutes outside of Austin in Johnson City.

Vibrams = perfect hiking shoes (as long as not too intense) because you can trek through water and not have to worry about soggy socks. 



The trail was absolutely beautiful, even though it was super dry. I had to imagine that there were rivers and creeks running through some of the areas that we walked through. 





It was really beautiful… we hiked up Wolf Mountain and then headed to a spring, which I think if it was non-drought weather, it would have been a perfect place to rest and cool our feet in the water. Next time, right? 





So, this reaffirmed the whole thing that Texas is NOT flat. Whoever said that is a big liar. It was a great workout — we ended up hiking 7.6 miles in about 3 hours (with plenty of breaks for pictures!). 

And, I also liked that there was sporadic cell phone service throughout. Sometimes you just need to get away without having to worry about what your phone is buzzing or beeping about. Although if we had encountered a rattlesnake along the way… not sure I would be so happy about that. 

If you are in the Austin area and looking for a fun getaway, check this place out. It was super cheap to get in ($6 per adult), and there were plenty of trails to meet whatever fitness level. There was another trail where you could go see Pedernales Falls, which we skipped because of the drought — figuring there would be no falls to see anyways (#sadface). Although that just gives us a good excuse to go back… 🙂


What was your favorite part of the holiday weekend? 

Have you been hiking lately? What’s your favorite part about hiking?






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