I am so honored to be a Women’s Health Action Hero this year! 

And one of my responsibilities is to share the word about RUN 10 FEED 10.



RUN 10 FEED 10 is a unique race series in that every kilometer you run, you donate a meal to America’s hungry. In fact, as you read this, there are 49 million Americans who are hungry and don’t know where there next meal is coming from. 

Women’s Health has teamed up with The FEED Project to host these runs to help raise awareness about the issue of hunger in the U.S. AND to help raise enough money for ONE MILLION MEALS! 

How can you join? Glad you asked! There are three cities that will have official races this fall: 


If you aren’t in any of those cities, you also have an option to join in one of the FUN RUNS across the country. These runs are less formal 10k races that gives you an opportunity to still raise meals AND receive some swag… all while having fun while doing it! Cities like Minneapolis, St. Louis, Houston and Denver have committed already… see the full list HERE.

And, IF you aren’t in a location that has an official race or a fun run, you can do the RUN YOUR OWN 10K option (which is what I will be doing). It offers a virtual race option, but you still get the opportunity to contribute to the overall meal goal AND you get some awesome swag. So excited for it!

If you are ready to register, make sure to use code WHMAYS to save on your registration. If you aren’t ready to register, but want to help raise meals —> donate here



Have you participated in RUN 10 FEED 10? Are you planning on participating this year?

Who’s racing this weekend? 

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