I feel like I start every monthly recap post this way: I can’t believe May is already over! This year is FLYING by. 

This has been my favorite month this far of the year. As you may remember —> the year got off to a rough start. But it’s become much better since then. I mentioned that I started a new job — and absolutely love it. It has been a LONG time since I’ve been able to say that. 

Plus, they don’t seem to care that I’m a happy person

Weather in Austin hasn’t gotten TOO hot yet (although my running self disagrees), so we’ve been adventuring around like crazy to experience everything that Austin has to offer. As I mentioned earlier this month, we don’t even miss NYC. Sure, we miss our friends… but for the most part, there’s nothing there that we can’t experience here. (I know some avid NYCers would disagree with this statement…

Other great things from this month:













crazyrunninggirl.pedernales{Vibram love!}







crazyrunninggirl.run10feed102{Use WHMAYS when you register to save $$$}



And my May goals update —>

1. PR in every distance

  • No races this month… this will have to be tabled until later in the year. Although it looks like I’ll be running a 5k with my nephew again in July! I hope I can keep up with him… 🙂 


2. Strengthen and stretch

  • I started doing hills! And track workouts
  • I’m also doing a strength training challenge with a friend… let’s kick this t-rex syndrome in the butt!



3. Read one book a month


4. Continue to embrace my craftiness

  • Making progress on a few other projects! Stay tuned for updates… 🙂


5. Get in a better financial state

  • The debt snowball we kicked off in April is going well! Just snowballing those payments… 
  • I shared a guest post on It’s a Harleyyy Life on how to find the best deals on workout gear (seriously, you don’t have to pay $48 for a tank and be OK with it! You can find good quality for MUCH less!)

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