I am totally loving having this quasi-training plan going on to a) give me a sense of what I should be doing and b) have a way to track progress. Even better is it is a great way to stay motivated as it starts to get hot here. 


Weekly Recap (May 25 – May 31)

SUNDAY: 7.70 miles 
This day was so much fun! The hike took us just over three hours to do (!) and it was beautiful… plus fun to get away. Check out my full recap HERE

MONDAY: Rest day
So Mondays are supposed to be hill days… but after our epically long hike and the fact that it poured all day, I opted to be a bum and hang out inside. That’s okay. Rest days are important.

crazyrunninggirl.kandiparty{rest day = perfect day for kitty cuddles & kandi party to get ready for EDC Vegas!}


TUESDAY: Rest day
So, in line with regularly scheduled programming, I designated Tuesday as a rest day. Two rest days in a row felt like a little bit much, but that’s OK. I figured I would make it up later in the week by taking out a different rest day.

WEDNESDAY: Track day! (1 mi. warm up/cool down; 6x400s with 200 rest in between)
Holy buckets, this track day felt SO much better than the first one. When it comes to running workouts, it’s best to do them three weeks in a row. The first week your body learns what you are doing, the second week the body does a little bit better and the third week, it learns how to “master” it. So, I’ll be doing this work out one more time before switching to a different track workout. 



My pace was slightly better for this track day over last week (think two seconds per mile), but hey… minor improvements are still improvements!


THURSDAY: Mid-distance run (5.26 miles)
Originally, I was scheduled to do about 7 miles, but my legs were dead from track day so I figured shorter = better. I have officially made a decision to make track days on Tuesdays moving forward, so that Wednesday can be a rest day and I can be ready for a harder workout on Thursdays. I think this will make my body much happier!

crazyrunninggirl.post5miles{Smiling at how mismatched my outfit was that day… it happens}



FRIDAY: Easy run (3.85 miles)
Because I was such a slacker earlier in the week, I decided that I was going to turn Friday into a run day. Traditionally, running (even easy) the day before a long run, usually results in a terrible long run for me. But I’m going to change that. Since Wednesday is now a rest day, it doesn’t make sense for Friday to also be one. My rest days will be Sunday and Wednesday. 


SATURDAY: Long run (10.19 miles)
My goal was to 13.1 miles for the day for the Skirt Sports Half Marathon Virtual Race. The heat got the best of me, so I didn’t make it quite that far. I’ll be opting to do that next weekend. 

crazyrunninggirl.long-run-weather{6 a.m. = 70 degrees? My northern blood was boiling}



This was a good run… I felt tired for the first few miles (try 5), felt awesome from 6-8 and then wanted to punch someone in the face for the last two miles. This is the longest run that I’ve done… I think since the ZOOMA Texas Half Marathon? So the fact that I’m quite sore today makes some sense.


Total Mileage: 31.28 miles

Rating: B-

  • Improvements over last week, but felt like a slacker because I didn’t do my hill workout this week. 
  • The track was much more enjoyable this week! There was a HUGE cloud that kept the sun away… so it was about 10* cooler than last week.
  • I did a great job with cross training — I am doing a challenge with a friend, so it’s been good at keeping me motivated to hit those exercises that will make these t-rex arms disappear. Someday. 
  • Still learning what works best for me… isn’t it crazy that even after you’ve been running for what seems like ever, you can still learn from the sport? I think that’s what makes me love it as much as I do.


What was your favorite run from the week? 

Do you run in the rain or skip your workout that day? 




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