I had a chance to try lots of new stuff last month… I love trying out new products and seeing how they fit into my life. Some of them are here to stay, some are cool but not a great fit for me. Either way, here are the best fitness finds that I’ve found and I think you’ll enjoy!

***WAHL Hot-Cold Massage Gel Pack

As part of my stewardship with Women’s Health and RUN 10 FEED 10, I had the opportunity to try out a WAHL Hot-Cold Massage Gel Pack


I must admit I was a little skeptical about its efficacy and how it would work. I must say… loved it! Sore muscles can often deter you from completing a workout, so having a tool like this handy (and the fact that it’s only about $25!) can be really helpful!


***Jockey Skimmies

I also had the chance to try out Jockey Skimmies. They are slipshorts that cover like shorts, and are perfect with skirts, dresses, almost anything. I actually wore mine the first time when I was washing our car, and they worked great! They can also be worn underneath your running skirts and shorts to prevent chafing (worst. feeling. ever.). 


Plus, this month, Jockey has teamed up with fashion designer Rachel Zoe to hold a fun contest to help women seize the day when it comes to their fashion fears… check it out, you could win $5,000! (learn more HERE)



The great people at PackIt gave me a chance to review one of its lunch coolers.


Isn’t it cute?


I am a die-hard pack and bring my lunch to work kind of girl (check out my post on why you should pack your lunch HERE). Anyways, having a cute and functional bag makes it that much more fun to do it. I love that you can stick this in the fridge or freezer and it will keep your food cold all day long. I like to keep my lunch bag at my desk because I eat snacks throughout the day too. 

The PackIt lunch cooler is made of high quality (the velcro is seriously sticky!) and if you are looking for a new lunch bag, definitely check them out. You won’t be disappointed! 


What are some fun new products you’ve tried recently? 

Are you a lunch packer? 



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