Today marks National Running Day

So you are probably like, what is the point of another silly holiday (aw come on, you know you love all of these…!).

But seriously, running deserves it’s own day.

The idea behind it is to celebrate running and all it does for our lives, our community, our worlds. 

Remember Mizuno’s study… if everyone were a runner? The results were clear — the world would be a better place if everybody ran. 

So on this day, spend it celebrating running and everything that you love (or hate) about it. After all, it’s not always a smooth ride… there are ups and downs, but these are the things that make it into what it is. 

People ask me… why do you love running so much? There are so many reasons why.




But mostly, I feel like it makes me a better person.

It gives me an opportunity to recharge and destress. I can go into a run with a jumble of thoughts… and come out of it with some clarity. I can go into it feeling crabby and bitter about life, and then see something amazing — like something as small as laughing runners or a pretty bird — and find my happy spot once again. 

Running helps me learn about myself… I know what it takes to set a lofty goal and make it my reality. I know how to deal with disappointment, euphoria and every emotion in between. I know that if you put the work in, you will get the results you want. 

crazyrunninggirl.madison-marathon{madison marathon = cutting 20 minutes off my marathon time and qualifying for my first Boston}


Of course, there are the physical health benefits — a stronger heart, a more efficient body and some pretty sweet leg muscles. It makes me sleep deeper, it helps me feel strong. 

And you can’t forget the running community. While running may be a pretty individual sport, it has an amazing community that supports and uplifts everyone in it. There are so many stories of how amazing our community is, and it feels pretty spectacular to be part of it. 

So what are you waiting for? Lace up your shoes and join in. 


What do you love about running? How are you celebrating National Running Day? 

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