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This week, I’m excited to profile Kathryn from Chicks Dig Running. She is a very talented runner that has a LOT of great information to share to help make you faster and stronger, all while keeping you motivated. Enjoy!


Where to find Chicks Dig Running:



1. Tell us more about your blog.
Chicks Dig Running was born out of my love for the sport and my desire to share knowledge about women’s running.  There is a lot of information about training out there, but very little is focused on females. 

The thing is, running is different for women. We have special abilities and needs and these differences can affect our training and our health.  CDR was created to be a community for female runners to visit, learn, and share all the beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) things about the sport. 


2. What do you love about running?
I love running because it provides whatever is asked of it.  If I need a social day, I can run with a group of like-minded people and feel right at home. If I need some time to think about what’s going on in my life, I can go for an easy long run and come back with everything sorted out. 

Running has taught me a lot about life and about myself, and it has truly become a part of who I am.  I love encouraging others to run, in the hope that it will provide them with the same joy it has given me for the past 12 years (and counting!).  



3. What is one mantra that keeps you going?
My mantra during those workouts when I need a little extra motivation is “Just Keep Going”.  No matter how hard or long a run is, I will eventually complete it. 

When I’m focused solely on putting one foot in front of the other, I stop worrying about what might happen later in the run. This allows me to be present in the moment and appreciate how much stronger my body is getting with every stride.  Even in the toughest races, reminding myself to “Just Keep Going” helps me stay centered and calm until the very end. 


4. Any words of wisdom for female runners who are new to the sport?
My best piece of advice to women who are new to running is to stick with it! Running isn’t easy for anyone at first, and it can be discouraging.  The most amazing thing your body does, though, is adapt. 

If you keep running, it will get easier and more enjoyable and you will start to see the fruits of your labor. 




One of the best feelings in the world is the sense of empowerment you experience after accomplishing your goals.  That feeling really is worth every exhausting mile it takes to get there! 


5. What is your number one tip for people to stay motivated to reach their health/fitness goals?
My tip for keeping yourself motivated is to keep your eye on the prize.  It’s a lot easier to make yourself get out there and do the workouts when you have a goal in mind. 

Whether it’s to lose weight, to conquer a new distance, or to get a personal best, reminding yourself of what you’re training for will help you to stay on course when you’re tempted to take the easy way out.  Picture yourself crossing that finish line, or rocking some skinny jeans, or maybe just being a healthier version of yourself for the ones you love. 

Keeping those images in mind at all times will help you reach, and maybe even surpass, your health and fitness goals.


Any questions for Kathryn? 

What are some life lessons you’ve learned from running? 


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