Happy happy Friday! This was the first week that my training plan has gone as originally planned… and let’s hope I can knock out tomorrow’s long run to make it 100%.

Also, yesterday morning I woke up to 75* and 87% humidity… fully expecting to die on my 7.5 miler. 


Apparently the cloud cover made my body happy and I hit the 8s for the first time in a LONG time.


>>>Today is a special day in our house.

And no, it’s not because of National Donut Day.

Today is Apollo’s birthday!


He was born on 06/06/06… maybe we should have named him Lucifer. I can’t believe he’s 8 years old today. He is such a good cat… definitely has a unique personality and is even more clumsy than I am, which I didn’t know was possible to find in a cat. I will hook him up with lots of catnip (his fave) and make sure he gets some extra cuddle time. 🙂


>>> I got another Graze Box this week!



I think this is my favorite subscription service. For $6/month, they send you a box of four snacks that are healthy and different flavors that I would ever try in real life. I have only had one that I was “meh” about… but the rest I’ve all loved. You can even customize the box that you get with the flavors that you like (which may be why I got a “meh” one since I didn’t do that because I was trying to branch out). 


>>> I’m super pumped because next week I get to try running on the Alter G. 



I’m not injured or anything, but I am excited to try it out! I want to test out Meb’s marathon pace. 


>>> It’s official! I am registered for the 2014 Dallas Marathon


(tip — remember to always print or pdf your registration confirmation page for your records. One time when I registered for the Twin Cities Marathon, there was a glitch in their system so it showed I wasn’t a registered participants! Luckily I had my receipt so it was straightened out… and now I’m just paranoid)

What’s on your mind this Friday? Celebrating National Donut Day? 

Anyone racing this weekend? 



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