Wahoo! This week was a GREAT week. I feel like I am getting stronger and love it. I have never trained this hard outside of a marathon training cycle and it feels awesome to see the progress that I’m making and that I will be in a good spot once marathon season comes around. 

After all, I registered for my second marathon this fall/winter! 

This week’s recap:

SUNDAY: Rest day
I am trying to figure out when I should do my other “easy” short run. Sunday or Friday? Today I opted to do it Friday… but as you’ll see later in the week, that may not have been the best decision. 

I think I am still going to try to do it on Fridays and hopefully will have better luck in future weeks. 


MONDAY: Hills! (3.02 miles)
The hills workout happened this week and felt wayy easier than it did last time I did it. 

I opted to add another hill repeat in the mix and even though I still felt slow, I felt like my internal work was a lot less than it was. 

Probably creeped out a few people as I tackled this hill over and over and over. 

crazyrunninggirl.garmin(my new training bff)

TUESDAY: Track workout! (4.29 miles)
Holy hotness. 


It was a steamy one for this week’s track workout! I took this into account and gave myself more walking breaks during my rests than I typically would and made sure to stop for a drink as much as I could. 

This week was my last week with 1 mile warm up / 6 x 400s with 200s rest / 1 mile cool down. 

Next week, I’ll be kicking off a new track workout to further challenge my body. I am thinking of a ladder workout? It may be a better idea given the heat. 

This rest day was much needed. Can I tell you how much I love getting up 40 minutes later than I do on normal days? 

THURSDAY: 7.5 miles (mid-distance run)
This run was  such a pleasant surprise! I woke up to 75* temperatures and 87% humidity. Yes, at 6 a.m. Texas — you’re crazy.

Anyways, I was expecting it to be a complete dud but it was the opposite! In fact, I hit 8s for the first time in the longest time. 

I have decided that it’s not the humidity that kills me, it’s the sun. 

So, since it was a cloudy run… my body was happy. Plus, it was my *last* time running on the temporary trail area as they opened the boardwalk on Saturday. That was great motivation knowing I won’t have to wait for the lights for a bjillion years. 

So sad about this rest day. Apparently I turned off my alarm in my sleep and slept until it was time to get ready for work. 

I had plans to make up for it after work, but ended up working about an hour longer than I thought. 

Chalked it up as a rest day. 

It happens. And often times, when these unexpected rest days happen, it’s a sign of how bad your body needed them. 

Saturday: 13.1 miles ~ Skirt Sports Virtual Half Marathon
I had planned to complete the Skirt Sports Virtual Half Marathon last week, but the heat wiped me out. 

Round dos this week. The trails were beautiful and since the boardwalk finally opened, I got to do the “full” loop as it was intended. I seriously need to take some pictures on the trail one of these days — awesome views of Austin and it’s SO cool. 

Anyways, I got back to our apartment around 8:20 a.m. and it was getting really toasty. I knocked out 10.4 miles and needed another 2.7 miles to complete the half… onto the treadmill I went. 

You know how hard it is to run on a treadmill after you just ran outside on beautiful trails?

Impossible. My mind was not happy. 


But, I knocked it out and am happy to say that I finished the half marathon! P.S. I also ran in my new shorts from Skirt Sports and SO impressed with these! I bought them with a gift card but they are among my favorites. Longer review soon!

Total Mileage: 27.91 miles


How did your workouts go last week? Any awesome accomplishments?

How do you deal with an unexpected rest day? 


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