Last night was a new workout at the track — a ladder track workout. 

The past three weeks I’ve been doing 400 repeats. 400s are a distance that I have a love-hate relationship with. I love it because it’s not that long, so you feel like you can get to a good speed. I hate it because it is too long to sprint the entire time. 

Either way, I was feeling pretty confident last week about my track abilities and then whipped out this ladder track workout. 

Remember that love-hate relationship with the 400s?

Yeah, it’s even worse with this one. 

But, even so, it’s one that makes you work, so I wanted to share with you:

Ladder Track Workout


A ladder track workout is unique in that you can go up and down the ladder. So, while the image above is only going up the ladder — you can head back down the ladder for the full workout, which is what I opted to do… and ended up in nearly 5 miles of track work. 

P.S. By “rest,” I mean take that easy. Easy conversation pace. In my case, it included some walking… that’s what happens in 94* weather. 


Have you done a ladder track workout?

What’s your favorite distance on the track? 

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