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This week, I’m excited to feature a fellow Women’s Health Action HeroLauren from Breathe Deeply and Smile! She is amazing… and can I admit that I’m super jealous that she got to take a selfie with Shalane!? Enjoy!


Where to find Breathe Deeply and Smile


1. Tell us more about your blog!           
I started my blog Breathe Deeply and Smile around a year ago after reading lots of other running and healthy living blogs and figuring I had a lot of the sample stories and thoughts to share. I blog about learning to live a happy and healthy life while documenting my races, training, eating, along with things I like and whatever is on my mind. I also often discuss trying to balance fitness, work, relationships, and life while trying to stay stress-free and stay focused on happiness.


2. What has running taught you about life?
Running has taught me that I am so much stronger than I know. In the beginning I was surprised to find out how mental running was. There are sometimes so many more battles in my mind than there are in the actually physical act of running. Running gives me confidence and determination to dream big. Also the running community is so amazing it has opened my eyes to how many awesome, positive people are out there!
3. What has been your favorite moment from 2014 so far?
My favorite moments (tie!) were probably meeting Kara Goucher at the Boston Marathon Expo and nervously meeting Shalane Flanagan after the Nike Women’s DC Half, both meetings within a week of each other. Both women are such motivating running heroes to me. I met Shalane about a week after she ran such a tough and inspiring race in Boston and babbling on about how I want to qualify for Boston and think she is amazing is a blur, but I love that it happened!
4. What’s your favorite distance to run and why?
My favorite is probably a half marathon-it’s long enough for me to get into a running groove and has its own highs and lows. I like that it is challenging race but is a manageable distance to train for and recover from!


5. What is your number one tip for people to stay motivated to reach their health/fitness goals?

My number one tip would be to stay focused but flexible.  Life is busy and goals can change over time. If you fall off the wagon just get back on-it’s okay! Some days we train harder or eat better or do everything right and some days we don’t! 


Any questions for Lauren? 

Which elite athlete would you like to take a selfie with (non-running too!)? 

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