Ahh vacation is such a lovely time, don’t you agree? It’s the whole getting back to life as you left it swing of things that gets annoying.  



Anyways, I have decided not to torture myself again with an early morning workout and letting myself sleep in. That extra 30 minutes is so. worth. it. 

I’ll stop whining about that and share something that’s actually really cool —> this infographic details the different health myths and whether they are fact or fad. There are some good ones on here. Very interesting about Zumba — I wonder when CrossFit is going to hit that wall!? Btw, I saw a TON of Piyo shirts in Vegas last weekend (there was also a fitness conference there that I kinda wanted to crash)… I think that’s going to be the next trendy workout. 

When it comes to workout trends, though, all that matters is that you’re getting your sweat on and loving it! 


Top Health Myths: Fact or Fad?Infographic provided by Rader Programs


What health fad are you guilty of?

Anyone try Piyo? What’d you think!?


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