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This week, I’m switching things up and featuring Women’s Running magazine. Are you familiar with them at all? I just started reading the magazine this year, and absolutely love it. 

Runner’s World, of course, remains a favorite, but I love the women specific information in Women’s Running magazine. It has become one of my favorite resources to learn new things about running and all the fun stuff that goes along with it.

A few other things I love about it:

  • Their mission says it all: 

    To create a high-quality magazine for smart, successful women who use running to balance and enrich their lives. 

  • They focus on covering exercises specific to women. So, the HIIT workouts and other things that they provide online and in the magazine, are great for women. We can definitely handle those designed for men, but I love knowing that I’m doing something that helps build up my body’s physiological differences.
  • An awesome cover model contest! OK, it drives me nuts that Runner’s World *rarely* has “real” runners on the cover of its magazine. Women’s Running magazine does a great job of making it happen and they are even hosting a cover model contest to get a “real” runner on it.
  • All the pink! Enough said. 



So ladies, if you’re looking for some good running content, definitely check out Women’s Running! 


Do you read Women’s Running magazine? Where do you get your running news/information? 

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