Totally copying this post idea from Ashley because my brain hurts after such a long week. 


>>> trying to recover from our amazing weekend in Las Vegas. Sometimes I swear that you need a day or three just to catch up on sleep and everything you missed on life while on vacation. 


>>> kinda excited that I got got a special discount when I got our oil changed last night because the service team thought it was taking too long. I was there for an hour and didn’t mind because there was free wifi. But hey, a discount rocks!

>>> and speaking of awesome things in Texas, all you can eat Blue Bell. That is all. 

>>> just started trying out a standing desk at work. I bought the goodies at Ikea for about $20, and it works perfect.



>>> I read about this game called “A Dark Room” and am totally addicted to it. It has no graphics, just text, but it’s amazing. Plus it’s free (at least on Android).

>>> I am so in love with these shorts from Skirt Sports, I can’t even tell you… 



>>> have you seen the awesome patriotic socks from PRO Compression for the 4th? So in love — what a fun design! Plus you can save 40% with coupon code STARS at checkout! 



>>> Next week at this time, we’ll be on our way back to Wisconsin for a relaxing week in the woods! 



>>> Totally admitting the fact that today is the first day I’ve run all week. #slacker


What’s going on in your life right now? 

What are you up to this weekend? 

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