I love summer because it brings a ton of sunshine and reasons to spend a lot of time outside. With that, I also feel like it keeps you super busy!! There’s nothing wrong with that, but seriously, June went by in a flash! 

This month was filled with lots of great things… 






X Games Austin 2014


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And time for the… goals update! Can you believe we are already halfway through the year?! 


1. PR in every distance

  • No races this month… but BIG plans for the fall. Just wait and see. 🙂


2. Strengthen and stretch

  • I finished up a strength training challenge with a friend and once our summer vacation is over, I’ll be hitting the strength workouts 3x a week… or so the plan goes. 


3. Read one book a month


4. Continue to embrace my craftiness

  • I FINALLY finished a baby blanket for a friend… it was a LONG work in progress but happy to have it done. 


  • This may seem bizarre, but I finally made a plan of attack for some of my crafting supplies. I used to be WAY into scrapbooking and had this machine called a Cricut. Now there’s been a turn to digital scrapbooking and it’s time to get rid of some supplies… you know, part of #5 instead of just collecting dust! But it’s been hard to admit that I will likely not use this stuff and don’t need it… sound crazy? I know.

5. Get in a better financial state

  • Remember that debt snowball that we kicked off in April? Going strong… in fact, PAID OFF A CREDIT CARD this month!! 


What was your favorite part of the month? Do you have a hard time selling your old things, even if you don’t use them anymore? 

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