The past few weeks have been rough. And I’ve been confused as to why. 

I started to lose my motivation to run, so I thought maybe I’d switch up my running plan and make it a bit easier. It seemed to help a little bit, and then we went to Vegas. It was a blast so I thought that coming back, I would be back to being motivated and it would be business as usual. 

Not so much.

Last week, I ran one time. For about four miles. I told myself that I was just tired from the week and that it wasn’t a big deal.


But it continues. And even to the point… where the whole idea of social media makes me kinda cringe. Not gonna lie. 

So, I am declaring burn out. 

I am the type of person that says “yes” and then figures out how I can get it done. I think I have always had this attitude and living in NYC made it worse (if you didn’t respond in this way, you weren’t thought of as a team player… really, the longer that we are away, the more crazy the people I worked with sound). Anyways, I think everything is finally colliding and creating a very stressed me. 

With anything, I do think the first step is to realize it. I have learned over the years that forcing myself to do something only makes me resent it, and I don’t want that to be the case with running. 

While this was supposed to be the summer of training and the summer of getting ahead to finally hit my uber marathon PR goal, it may not be the case. Mentally, I need a break. 

And that’s OK. 

Luckily, we are leaving for vacation on Friday so I may finally get the break that I am looking for. We’ll be spending some time in northern Wisconsin at a cabin and lakes. 



I have a 5k with my nephew on Saturday that I’m excited about and hopefully that gets my motivation back in gear. 

So I’ve been asked a few times, how do you know the difference between burn out and lack of motivation? 

Lack of motivation happens. You’ll have those days when it’s like “ehhhhhhh” when you have to roll out of bed and get your sweat on. I think that burn out is different because you start feeling it with everything… and on every. single. day. You can’t break out of the funk, no matter what you do. You try to switch things up and it just doesn’t help. 

When that’s the case, take a step back. Take a breath. And give yourself a break. Generally, it’s a sign that you need to… running will always be there. 


Have you ever experienced burn out? How did you get out of it? 

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