Hi guys! I’m off in the Northwoods of Wisconsin this week and so excited to share a guest post from Carson today… enjoy!! 
Hey, y’all!  Carson here from Running Southern.  I am so excited to be posting for Lora today. 
As a southern gal, I know a thing or two about running in the heat.  Heck, we are already pushing temps in the 100s and we are barely into summer here in Alabama. 
In order to keep that training up as you prep for fall running season, here are a few tips on running in the summer.
  • Don’t run in the heat of the day. I have already made this mistake this week. I have a major problem with this because I am a horrible morning runner (I usually have no juice) but I hate running at the end of the day and trying to race the sun to get in some good miles. Although I hate to say it, morning runs during the summer are where it’s at (YUCK). No matter how in shape you are, you can never train enough to make it safe for you to run in the heat of the day. period. the end.
  • Dress appropriately and wear sunscreen. Nothing sucks worse than a nasty sunburn after an awesome run. I take that back- nothing sucks worse than a nasty sunburn and horrible chaffing after an awesome run. Take into consideration that you are gonna sweat and your clothes are gonna get wet. So plan for it. Also, protect your eyes and face. Since every pair of sunglasses I have ever tried to wear while running have driven me crazy (and chaffed behind my ears) I like to wear a hat. I also wear very minimal clothing. And no worries about tempting the fellas with my scantily clad hot runner bod; I am so disgustingly sweaty and stinky that it doesn’t matter how few clothes I have on, I am looking pretty gross.


  • Listen to your body. And by body, I mean heart and head. If your legs say, “STOP!” Ignore them. They have no brain and thus, no voice, and are just being whiny. If your heart is going cray cray and your head is feeling swimmy, then stop, take a break, and reassess the situation. While pushing yourself to break some records and pound extra pavement can be good, a heat- induced injury is not the way to get there.
  • Hydrate and re-fuel. Running on an empty stomach is so not safe and so not cool. Also, running without hydrating while clocking some miles is also a horrible idea. Take water breaks. If you think people who run with water belts look silly, run on a path that has a water fountain or a hose. Or just get over it and wear that water belt anyways, cause honey, you are gonna want it. My favorite road to run on not only has multiple bathroom stops, but has a hose at the park I can cool down with. There is also a really nice gas station owner that has been known to give me a free cup of water (it never hurts to make friends while you run). After your run, take care of yourself by re-fueling. I love to chow down on some fruit after I run. I am also a huge fan of Nuun and their sugar free electrolyte water tabs.


All in all, you have to be smart about it.  Training in the summer can be great training if you do it right, but can be detrimental if you don’t.
Favorite way to refuel after a race?
Any tips to add?​
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