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Today I am so excited to feature a super speedy runner and amazing woman… Tina Muir! Enjoy!



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1. Tell us more about your blog and what got you started.

I’m not sure many of my readers know this (other than close family and friends), but my blog started out as a place for me to document my sweet treats. I am the queen of sugary desserts, and there is no dessert that could ever be too sweet. I love making them, and I do enjoy them, but I realized that it really did not give a great portrayal of  the way I live my life. I eat very well balanced, healthy meals, and I train very hard, so I feel I deserve sweets, but in moderation.


My blog slowly took a 180 degree turn as I learned to cook healthy meals, and wanted to share my secrets of training and fueling with others to help them be the best they can be. I want people to see that I have reached the level I have by hard work, commitment, and yes, talent (that I am very thankful for), but at the end of the day, I am only human. I have good days and bad days, healthy days, and the days where I just cannot keep my hands out of the peanut butter m&ms. Being an elite runner is just one part of my life, as it blogging, but I hope most of all, I come across as a good, genuine person.

2. How did you get to be such a speedy runner?

It has taken years of consistent training, dedication, and doing “the little things”. I try to share these on my blog through my Secrets of Success posts, but most of it just comes from getting stronger year after year. My freshman year in college, I ran 21:15 in the 5k, but my 5th year, I had run 16:08. That being said, having a coach who knows what they are doing is absolutely critical. I would never be anywhere close to where I am now without 100% trust in my coach. I know how important that is, which is another reason I like to share what knowledge I have with others to give back to the community as best I can.


3. What is one mantra that keeps you going?

Keep Movin’ Forward.

I love the entire speech Rocky Balboa gives his son in “Rocky Balboa” (Rocky 6), and if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely look it up. It is all about how life will knock you down. It does not matter who you are, everyone is sent challenges, but it is how you react to those challenges that defines you, and allows you to accomplish those things you want the most. This also ties in with my #BelieveToAchieve mantra, the things you think about the most, and you want the most, WILL come true as you are putting yourself in a position to reach them (good or bad). It is all about believing in your ability, and trusting that things will work out if you commit.

4. How do you find time to balance it all?

Plan, plan, plan! Very tough for me right now as things are so up in the air with my future, but I usually run in the mornings, so I can get on with
my day, and it doesn’t matter what unexpected situations come up.

Unfortunately, I am a perfectionist, so when I set my eyes on something, I WILL achieve it, no matter what it takes. This helps me to stay on track, and limit the amount of time I spend procrastinating.

However, earlier this year, I took that too far, stretched myself too thin, and burned out….jack of all trades, master of none. I have been working
on relaxing to avoid this, and filling my life with other things I enjoy to make sure running does not become an obsession like it did in the past.

Balance is so important to our lives, but like I enjoy sweet things in moderation, it is important to enjoy everything else in moderation too.

5. What is your number one tip for people to stay motivated to reach their health/fitness goals?

Consistency! So many people come to me for running/training advice excited about starting a new program and are in the “obsessed” stage; going every day, barely eating anything but fruits, and purchasing all the latest equipment/food/supplies. A few weeks later when the excitement wears off, and exhaustion sets in, they give up completely, and do nothing until they find something new.

If you are consistent with your training, whatever it may be, you will get stronger every year, even if you do end up injured. I spent many hours staring at a wall in the pool when I was injured, but those hours all paid off as they allowed that consistency to continue. Keep movin’ forward, and the results will come!


Any questions for Tina?

Do you find that consistency helps you improve your workouts?


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