1. There will come a time when running three miles (or insert number) becomes no big deal… even if your former self is in disbelief. 

2. Your food pantry contents will begin to change. Goodbye chips, hello Luna bars. Goodbye soda and juice, hello Nuun. 

3. You will be able to get in very intense discussions about barefoot running and whether its good or bad. 

4. There will come a time when you would rather spend your money on a race than a night out with friends…

5. …and a time when you would rather go to bed early on a Friday night so you can get up early for your long run. Earlier than you would on a weeknight.

6. You will start talking about elites on a first name basis… and it won’t feel weird. 

7. When you book a vacation, the first thing you’ll do will be see what race(s) you can tack on to that trip. 

8. You will need to dedicate an entire drawer… or two… to all of your running gear. Because it’s essential that you have early winter, winter, late winter, early spring, mid-spring, summer, hot summer and cold summer gear.

9. You will start to go crazy when you can’t get a run in. And your friends and family will tell you that you need a run. 

10. When people ask you about running, they will wish they didn’t. You can’t help but go into detail about the types of training runs they should go on and the gear they have to buy. 

11. You will want to punch people who call 5ks, 10ks or any other distance a “marathon.” But instead you’ll politely smile and nod, and act like they know exactly what they’re saying. 

12. It will be completely normal to wear race shirts on a regular basis. Along with running shoes. And maybe workout pants. Let’s not forget some compression socks.

13. Your IT band will become your greatest enemy and you will do whatever it takes to make it happy.

14. One day, the marathon won’t seem so long… and you’ll start to consider even longer distances. And won’t feel crazy when you do. 

15. You’ll make and meet online running friends, and it will be totally natural when you meet in real life. 

16. There is no other feeling in the world like the euphoria you feel from running… it makes everything so worth it. 

17. No matter how painful it is, or how hard it is to get out the door, running becomes the one constant thing in your life that helps you smile when you’re down, lifts the stress from your shoulder when life gets crazy and serves as your forever-loving friend when you need it.

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