As of Sunday, it was 16 weeks until the 2014 NYC Marathon. In case you forgot, I will be running this race once again this year after winning an entry into the 2014 race. I thought 2013 was going to be my last time running this marathon, but turns out, fate had other thoughts. It gives us a good reason to go back and visit our friends in NYC too!

lora_nyc marathon(2013 NYC Marathon… oh so painful)


Anyways, as a recap —> my marathon training has stagnated for the past several years. I did not use a GPS while training in NYC and well, life was so crazy that I never really had a chance to focus on marathon training like I needed.{probably because we spent too much time doing this}

I wanted to get myself ready for marathon training season (after NYC, I have Dallas Marathon in December; Houston Marathon in January; and considering Austin Marathon in February) so a few weeks ago, I kicked off an intense summer training plan that led to many sweaty nights on the track. 



I took a week off last week while on vacation, but I am excited to get back into marathon training. It feels like it’s been way too long!

I tried the Hansons Marathon Method last year when running Boston (verdict: meh) and created my own training plan for Wineglass last fall (verdict: three thumbs up). 

For this time around, I’ve decided to go back to my roots and use the Advanced Marathoning 18-week plan (chopping off a few weeks to fit into my time table). 


I used the Advanced Marathoning training plan in 2009 while I was trying to BQ. My previous marathon PR was 4:00. I needed to cut at least 20 minutes off my time. 

crazyrunninggirl.madison-marathon{Madison Marathon 2009 / BQ by 12 seconds!}


I found Advanced Marathoning and fell in love. The plan makes you WORK, which is why it’s so great.

And why I was able to cut 20 minutes and 17 seconds off my time to qualify for Boston. 

Now that I have big goals — ideally a 3:20-ish marathon, but definitely a sub-3:30 — I need a big plan to support those goals. And Advanced Marathoning is it. 

(also. strength training. i suck at it. but need to bulk up these t-rex arms for any chance at getting speedier.)


Anyone else running NYC?! Or another fall marathon?

What’s your favorite training plan? 

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