I am going to make a new annual tradition — whenever I go back to Wisconsin in the summer, I will look for a 5k to run with my nephew. That is, until he gets into that teenager phase and hanging out with family isn’t cool anymore. 

This year, we ran the Stampede 5k in Manawa, Wisconsin. They hold the race each year as part of their rodeo celebration (no, no, nothing like the Houston Rodeo, sorry). 

The town is about 15 minutes away from my hometown, so despite at 7:30 a.m. race start time, we didn’t have to get up super early. 

We headed there and picked up our race packets and bibs. My nephew was pretty impressed that we got such high numbers. (It is a smaller race… I would estimate about 150 people participate in both the 5k and 10k.)



They kicked off the 10k first and after they were off, they counted us down and we were off! Only… I forgot to remind my nephew not to shoot out like a rocket. 

So suddenly he was pulling away from me and I was thinking “Oh no!! How in the world will I ever keep up?!” and cursing myself for not working hard enough in my track workouts. 

I caught back up to him and we ran together (he was starting to get a little tired)… the first half of the race runs through the streets, and then you turn a corner, cross the railroad tracks and enter the woods to run on TRAILS!

I was so excited — it was absolutely beautiful, the trail winding through the woods with all the green trees and rushing river. I don’t think my nephew was enjoying it as much as me. I told him just a little bit further, and we passed the gentleman in front of us and finally, we were out of the woods and at the finish. 



We finished 28th and 29th… Brayden was 2nd in his AG!


Our time was 26:18, averaging 8:28 per mile… which is five seconds per mile faster than last year’s Packers 5k! This is the second time that my nephew has run this far in his LIFE and he managed to cut his time. I swear, that boy has some running genes in him!

Thinking about running the Stampede 5k? What you need to know:

  • Small, no frills race… you must register by a certain date (about three weeks before race day) to get a t-shirt. The t-shirts are actually really awesome!


  • Quick, flat course with some fun on the trails… which is perfect for the ending! You can get lost in the views. 
  • There’s a chance that it may feel disorganized, especially if you’ve run bigger races. Take it in stride! After all,  if the race starts five or ten minutes late, it doesn’t harm anything. 


Do you prefer big or small races when it comes to 5ks? 




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