I have never been a person that’s been in super into makeup… give me some mascara and eyeliner and I’m good to go! 

So when I heard from Women’s Health that they’d be sending me Physicians Formula Super CC+ Color-Correction + CareCC+ Cream SPF 30 (say that 10 times fast!), I was actually pretty excited. Part of the reason why I’m not into makeup? I have no idea what to do when I walk down that aisle (I blame it on being a country girl… nobody has time for that when there’s all that outside-ness to enjoy). I have a near panic attack and find myself straying to nail polish… who can resist all those pretty colors anyways? 

I decided to do a before shot. 


And an after. 



I seriously cannot believe the difference that it made — I am now hooked on this stuff. I love how it feels like there’s nothing on my skin, I’ve gotten no pimples from wearing it and it’s so easy to apply. It blends in and doesn’t leave that line that you get sometimes so everyone knows that you’re wearing makeup. 

Physicians Formula describes it as “multi-tasking makeup + skin care” — which is so true. Not only does it moisturize your skin (in a healthy manner), it also blends all of your blemishes and uneven skin tone together. This is awesome, especially after getting ready in the AM after a tough run in the heat. 


The part I love most? It’s super affordable (~$13ish) and you can get it at stores like Target. That makes life easy!


Do you wear makeup? What do you HAVE to wear before you leave the house? 

Ever try Physician’s Formula? What’d you think?  

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