Marathon training is well underway and in order to make it through the 16 weeks of training, there are a few things that I just don’t think I would be able to survive without. 


1. My new Garmin

How in the world did I make it THREE years without a GPS?! This has become my new BFF on runs… absolutely in love with my new Garmin. 



I need to write a product review to share the pros/cons, but overall, I couldn’t be happier that I chose this one (Garmin Forerunner 220). 


2. Enso Muscle Roller from Evo Fit

So, if you think foam rolling does amazing things, you will not believe what the Enso Muscle Roller does. 



This thing rolls out your muscles like no others… it’s my handy sidekick (quite literally… sits next to me on my side of the couch so it’s always at arm’s length). 


3. PRO Compression Socks

After those long runs (or really tough mid-distance runs), my calves and feet feel trashed. Nothing feels better than slipping on a pair of PRO Compression socks and giving my muscles a chance to recover. 



Plus, who can resist all of the fun colors!?


4. Nuun 

Ooh Nuun is the perfect summer drink, whether you are training for a marathon or not. A few months ago, Nuun launched what are my new favorite flavors — the Nuun Energy line


Cherry Limeade… so much amazingness in every. single. sip. I tend to drink Nuun after a tough workout or long run. After a Saturday long run, it has become my breakfast drink of choice. I find that when I drink Nuun instead of water, I have a less chance of getting a headache from running (which happens when I don’t refuel properly… you would think after 14 marathons I would have learned!).


5. Gold Bond Friction Defense 


I was given Gold Bond Friction Defense a few years ago for a product review. And, it’s a product that has stuck around as one of my favorites and for good reason. 

There’s nothing worse than going for a long run and having some chafing. It hurts in the shower, it hurts to walk and it just doesn’t look very good in general. Gold Bond Friction Defense fixes that problem… as long as I remember to pack it with me for those long runs while on vacation. 


6. Brooks Glycerin 11s

I haven’t always run in Brooks —> check out my shoe drama here. But, we’ve definitely been in a long-term relationship. I love how these shoes feel like clouds on my feet… they keep them happy mile after mile. No blisters, no black toenails… even better.



7. Honey Stinger Gels

These top my list as my favorite way to fuel on the run. Seriously tastes like honey! They have a few different flavors available, but you are fine to go with the plain. It tastes great and I find that I never have stomach issues when I have Honey Stinger Gels



8. Redemption Run Shorts from Skirt Sports

These are a recent find and I am SO in love!! They are the most comfortable shorts I’ve worn in awhile and I love that they still have a flattering fit. Since I’ve found them, I now have three pairs. #addicted



9. Inspirational reading material

There are a few books that I keep on rotation during marathon training. There always comes a point where I get so sick and tired of training that I just want it to be over. Enter some inspirational reads and I’m back to being on board and ready to run. 

My favorites include:


10. Blue Bell Ice Cream

Um, yep. Probably one of the best parts of Texas.



Just kidding. 

This is my favorite way to indulge after a long day and some tough workouts. It might be the reason why I don’t have a six pack, but we all need to treat ourselves now and then. 🙂




What are your marathon training essentials? 

Have you lost any toenails from running? 

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