I was so proud of myself this weekend because I finally packed my running shoes for a vacation… and used them! I am notorious for being like I’ll totally work out while on this vacation! Let me pack at least four running outfits and running shoes… and while I’m at it, can’t forget the compression gear and all the other things that go along with it!

And then we get on vacation… and I get lazy. 

Since last weekend was my first real official marathon training weekend, I knew I couldn’t skip my long run. So, I got my butt out of bed at 6 a.m. on Saturday (although my husband was convinced I was crazy!) and hit the trails… White Rock Creek Trail to be exact. 


Oh, did I mention… completely forgot to bring the Garmin. I guess the one time that I would work out on vacation, I would forget some of the essentials? Oops.

It was actually a perfect morning for running — cloudy with a bit of drizzle in the air. 


I got there nice and early and was able to get prime parking in the runner’s parking lot (or so they told me online)… pumped, already off to a good start! One of the things I noticed was that there were huge groups of runners in packs — almost like schools of fish! Apparently those who run in Dallas, run together. 

Since I didn’t have my Garmin, I had to guesstimate how far exactly my run was. I haven’t yet measured it on RunningMap.com (way better than MapMyRun, FYI), but I think it was around 12 miles.

I actually had a few moments during this run when I was like I feel like I could run forever!

Those are my favorite moments, and I think the moments us runners LOVE hitting… especially when it’s 10 miles into a run!



So, if you’re headed to Dallas and looking for a trail, definitely check out White Rock Creek Trail! Some things to note:

  • There is a TON of parking around the trail, but prime parking seems to go pretty fast. By time I made my loop around the park, the lots were pretty full. 
  • There are water fountains (or bubblers, as us Wisconsinites like to say) throughout the trail… I didn’t use any, but did see others using them. 
  • I loved the markers they had along the way… they had location numbers on them in case you had to call 911, but I think they were placed every 1/10 mile? And it gave me good markers to remember where I parked and an estimate of how much further I ran after the big loop. 
  • Loved the views around the trail… not only did you get to see the lake and all the great views with that, but there were some HUGE homes… mansion style… that were entertaining to look at too. 



Do you run on vacation? 

When’s the last time you got that awesome runner’s feeling?





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