Happy happy Friday! I (almost) am done with my second week of marathon training, hip hip hooray! 



In honor of Friday, a compilation of my most random thoughts from the week. You’re welcome. 

>>>Totally in love with this article from BuzzFeed — 56 Signs That You’re Definitely Getting Old(er)

I  have been struggling with this since my last birthday and it makes me so sad. Along with those tastebuds that live for the taste of Swedish Fish. 




>>> If you ever come visit me in Austin and we go running, do not, I repeat DO NOT pick up the bats. Otherwise this might happen to you. Austin is home to the largest urban bat colony in North America and the bridge that they live under runs right above the running trail around beautiful Town Lake. 

I must say, it is kinda creepy to run underneath that bridge at the crack of dawn because all you hear are the bats chirping away and the flap of their wings… and you can’t help but imagine that there’s a Dracula bat hiding up there about ready to jump down and bite your neck. 

So yes, these are the crazy thoughts that run through my mind while running. 


>>> Runner’s World posted a recipe for this delicious dish this week: 


They had me at avocado sauce. Who knew something like that even existed?!


>>> This weekend, we have some friends visiting from NYC so we are showing them all the amazingness that Austin has to offer and I am SO excited to take a little trip to Hamilton Pool. It looks like the perfect summer destination (and the best way to spend an afternoon after a long run). 



>>> If you aren’t lucky enough to live in a city that has a RUN 10 FEED 10 race (New York, Chicago or San Francisco), you can join a local Fun Run around the country OR you can run your own 10k! Virtual races are my new favorite thing… and what a better way to run a race than to do one that helps people in need (Run 10k = feed 10 people in the U.S.). Learn more HERE (use coupon code WHMAYS to save $$!) and if you are feeling so kind, feel free to donate to my fundraiser — all proceeds go directly to help people in need closest to you. 


What is the #1 thing you are looking forward to this weekend? 

What’s your favorite indulgent snack these days? 

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