Happy happy Monday! This weekend was absolutely amazingly fun! We had some friends visiting from NYC and tried to show them all that Austin had to offer. 



Austin has too much to wrap into one weekend, so it just means they have to come back again. 

It got me thinking, though…. because while the summer has been filled with tons of other fun weekends, this is the absolute most fun that I’ve had in awhile. 

Thank you, spontaneity. 

While we had some things on a list, it wasn’t structured out for every minute of every day. We tended to do more random stuff that worked for what we had time to do… and it was just perfect. 

Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up into our plans and what we need to get done, that we forget to take a step backward and just live. Enjoy the moment, and do what we want to do. 

When it comes to working out, I am definitely guilty of that. I have to get this 5 mile run done today! I need to run it around my trail that I run every single day or else… 

Throw in some spontaneity and you never know what it might get you… a faster time, a more enjoyable workout — maybe you’ll learn something great about yourself in the process. 


How was your weekend?

When’s the last time you were spontaneous? Do you get stuck in the doldrums of life sometimes? 


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