I absolutely love this post by Kristin Armstrong on Runner’s World —> Double Dip

It actually piggy backs on my post yesterday about the importance of being spontaneous. But she puts it in such great words. A few of my favorite quotes: 



And this is such a great point — if you can’t immediately answer this question, call in sick right now and go have a day of fun!



I think it’s so true that sometimes we get so lost in making our life into what we want to be… that we forget to take a minute to look up and enjoy what’s truly going on around us. 

You know, those moments when we are buried in Facebook to see pictures our once upon a time acquaintances posted from their weekend on Facebook. Instead of looking up and actually enjoying the time with our loved ones, we spend so much time buried in something else. Feeding the (virtual) farm. Reading the latest news alert that came across our phones. 

I feel like we need to spend more time just being. 

Enjoying life. 

It sounds silly, but as time goes on, I find that I am getting less and less connected to all the things that eat up time (now I sound like a 90-year-old old lady) and don’t give me a satisfying return. Like those mean friends that you finally get the guts to stop caring about… it’s almost like those are the langoliers of our lives, the little creatures that eat up those little moments that help us have a life.

And that is one of the things I love about going out for a run, especially without any music or phones . It’s truly those moments when you are away from it all and can just enjoy the scenery that’s around you. 

(Apparently, feeling somewhat philosophical this week! Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow… ;))


Do you have to remind yourself to pause and enjoy the moment? Do you try to disconnect from technology?

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