When we first moved to Austin, the first thing I heard from people was that the summers are awfully hot and that running was going to be terrible.


Although I’ve heard that August is the hottest month, it hasn’t been too bad so far. I don’t know if I just changed my running style to adapt to the hot weather, but getting up early (6 a.m.) to run means that I miss out on the sun and heat of the day. 

On the flipside — I mentioned this earlier this week — when we lived in Jacksonville? I was a MESS. For some reason, I thought I could run at 5 p.m. like I did in Minnesota… in the middle of the summer. The sun would be high in the sky, the humidity would be in the 80s and the “feels like” would be around 100*. So, I’d go out for a run, make it a few miles and literally start crying because I’d be so frustrated. I wish I could slap my oldself and say “DUH.” 

crazyrunninggirl.runforthepiesI did manage to run fast enough to win a pie at a night 5k… 


Anyways… back to this morning’s run. TI got a later start than usual (I don’t have big plans today and it didn’t make sense having the alarm go off 20 minutes before his just because), heading out the door around 7 a.m. It was surprisingly cool, but the sun was already out. 

I ran around Lady Bird Lake — seriously sharing pictures next week! — and every time I do the full loop, it reminds me how much I love running hear. No stop lights to deal with, everyone is (mostly) respectful of people around them and there are SO many runners that keep you motivated and inspired. 

I had some Sport Jelly Beans with me (fav at the moment) but didn’t have water. My Ultimate Direction handheld has gone incognito, so any ideas of where it may be hiding, let me know. I stopped at a few bubblers (water fountains to you non-Wisconsinites) along the way and *gasp*, let myself walk a bit. 

Changing mentality… in the past THIS would not have been allowed. I would have been mad at myself and it would likely have ruined the rest of my run. What I’ve learned through training for ~15 marathons is you have to give your body some concessions. Knowing that the sun was shining brighter and brighter, the temperatures were rising and it was my first long run in this training cycle (and longest I’ve run this year)… well, it’s better to walk a few hundred feet than tank at the end and not even be able to make it the entire way.  

Now, it’s time for some serious recovery time and maybe a trip to Target to roam the aisles and buy unnecessary things. 

crazyrunninggirl.jaxcuddles{kitty cuddles}


crazyrunninggirl.watermelon-nuun{watermelon & nuun energy = perfect recovery on a hot summer day}


P.S. If you have a minute, go check out Kristin Armstrong’s newest column on Runner’s World, awesome awesome advice —> Letting Go

How have you grown as a runner over the years?

Anyone else get a good sweat in today? What’d you do? 

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