Happy happy Friday and (almost) weekend! I think my body is still adjusting to the whole let’s get up at 5:30 a.m. on a weekday and run 10 miles before work… yeah, yesterday was a bit rough. It was a really good run though, so I guess that paid off! Plus we had tacos for breakfast at work, and that I believe is the best recovery treat. Yum. 

Anyways, my legs are fried… my brain is fried… so I present to you: random fact Friday. 



1. I was looking around for things to do in Austin this weekend and they literally have an ice cream festival. How awesome is that!? I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, so not sure if we will actually go… but sounds perfect when the weather is supposed to be 100*+!


2. Did you guys see that article about the people who are creating art with their runs via GPS? Designs like this: 


How fun! Talk about never having a boring run. 


3. I have been enjoying looking at old pictures the past few days.


4. Ooh! I am finally making progress on my promise to myself to do the crochet-a-long this year. I now have two squares completed.


No worries that the organizer just released square #16 last night. 


5.  I am still debating whether to run the Austin Marathon. It would be the four marathon in four months… sounds like a fun challenge. But will my body agree? 


6. The decision has been made: Operation Buy a House (BAH) is ON. Operation BAH requires lots of saving and hopefully by next year we’ll be in the middle of a house hunt… gosh, that makes me feel so grown up.


7. But of course, I’ll never ever forget this philosophy: 



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What are you looking forward to this weekend? What’s one thing you are debating about doing — but haven’t taken the plunge yet? 

Anyone racing this weekend? Details!! (and good luck!!)

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