This week I took a look at my training program… and it said “recovery week.” And this is how I felt: 



I forgot how grueling the Advanced Marathoning training plan is. But it’s all good… only makes you stronger, right?!

Anyways, with that in mind, I was intrigued by an email NYC Marathon sent out last week asking —> Are you running or are you training? 

Such a good question. 

There are so many times where you just go through the motions to get a workout in. You’re tired, you’ve had a long week, you just want to put a checkmark down to say that you completed that workout session. But, does that do anything for you? If you are truly training, shouldn’t all of your workouts be quality workouts? 

That’s not to say that every single workout that you need to do, needs to be done as hard as possible. After all, recovery runs are meant to be just that — a time to recover. Slower the better. 

But what I think it means, is that your philosophy in your runs changes a bit. Yes, you’ll still have those days where you just aren’t in the mood to go rock 8 miles. The idea is that you do that workout to your best ability and challenge yourself for what you need to do within that moment… and you can learn something from what you’ve done. 

This past weekend, I had the worst workout in a really really REALLY long time. I was meant to run 17 miles. I ended up making it 14 miles and towards the end, there was a lot of walking. 

It could have been because of this. 


Even so, I felt like it was a great training run… and I definitely wasn’t running it. Before I started experiencing some symptoms of heat exhaustion (so not fun), I felt like I was rocking it out at the level I’m at. And even though I struggled through the last few miles, I learned a lot about myself, my mental ability and how to handle the heat. (mainly… get up an hour earlier!) 



So, instead of going through the motions to check it off the list, use your run to your advantage. After all, what’s the point of doing it if it’s not helping you get better? 




Are you training for a race? Which one? 

Do you find that sometimes you just “go through the motions” to get it done? 

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