One of the smartest things you can do to eat healthy is to have a kitchen stocked and ready to go for you… it makes it easy to not let your tastebuds wander. 

As part of that, you must have the right cookbooks so you can pull together a fantastic menu without too much struggle. 

Over the years, I’ve collected a few different ones, but there are always a few that I rely on the most. 


1. Runner’s World Cookbook


I don’t even think I can put into words how much I LOVE this recipe book. There are so many good ones in here that have become a staple of our kitchen… from Thai Chicken & Broccoli in Peanut Sauce (may not be the exact name but close enough) and Red Beans & Rice, I can’t get enough! Plus, since it’s a runner’s cookbook, it’s all healthy… right?! 😉


2. Homesick Texan


I think this is one thing that got the hubs through life in NYC while he was missing Texas. I love this cookbook and even though he’s not a homesick Texan anymore, we still love digging into these recipes from time to time. Some of them are complicated with a lot of ingredients… I know I’ll try them out some day!


3. Taco Revolution


If there’s one thing to know about Austin, it’s to know about the obsession people have with tacos. It’s a serious business down here… and understandably so. Tacos are DELICIOUS. I absolutely love this fun book — there are so many fun recipes to explore, for all sorts of meals. Next up: Cheeseburger Taco. 


4. Mason Jar Salads


This is one of the newest additions to my cookbook collection and it’s SO fun! I totally love the mason jar look, it is definitely a southern thing. And, the best part of using a mason jar is you can pack it for lunch WITHOUT all the ingredients getting soggy. Smart, huh? 


5. 175 Best Mini Pie Recipes


I love all the various recipes in this book! You can literally find a recipe for every meal… not to mention dessert! You can use the recipes with cute little pie tins (like these lovelies from Pampered Chef) or even a tin for big muffins. 


And, of course, there are some great resources online for recipes (especially helpful when you are thinking about what you want to make for dinner while at work). Some of my favorites:



What are your favorite cookbooks? What resources do you use to find recipes online? 

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