I think one of the most challenging things about running, and training for marathons, is figuring out the nutrition aspect. Here I am, training for my 15th marathon, and still stumbling through what I should eat before I go out for my long runs and on marathon day. 

Part of that challenge is figuring out the best energy gels for your run. Everyone is different and has different tastes, but there are a few that I have uncovered over the years that still rise to the top as my favorites. Finding the right gel should be part of your training — it’s not wise to show up on marathon day and try a brand new gel. 

So here you go, the 5 best energy gels according to Crazy Running Girl. 



1. Hammer Energy Gels


These were the first gels that taught me that energy gels can taste good! I was obsessed with these for the longest time and they were the only gels that I would take. I absolutely love the Montana Huckleberry flavor and also enjoy Banana. I like them because they also taste good when they get warm. I noticed that these didn’t cause my any gut issues.


2. Jelly Belly Sport Beans


So, this isn’t a surprise that Jelly Belly would create some amazing tasting sport beans.  My favorite is to stick these in the refrigerator (they get a little hard) so they stay cold on the run. Most of the flavors that they have do have caffeine, which gives you an extra burst. 

However, if you do decide to go with these, know it takes a little bit of skill to chew these while on the run. I have swallowed a few whole… 😉 


3. Honey Stinger Gels



When I ran the 2013 Boston Marathon, I made the biggest mistake in the world: did not buy gels before leaving for the race. I thought I would be able to track some of my favorite Hammer flavors down at the expo or a local running store. NOPE. 

I found Honey Stinger and decided to go with it… yeah, rookie mistake. But a good one! I fell in love with these and have been using these since then. They taste just like honey and are easy to take down whether it’s 15* or 95*. I also love all the different flavors that they have including pomegranate


4. Clif Shot Bloks


These are similar to the Sport Jelly Beans — you have to know how to eat Clif Shot Bloks. Luckily they are a little bit softer, so it makes it easier to take down. One of my favorite things about these is that you can easily hold in your hand and just take a shot off the top. I usually eat three or four at a time. I feel like the flavor is really good — not too sweet and easy on the stomach. 

5. Huma Chia Energy Gel


Chia seeds are known as the miracle seed for all the awesome benefits that it has… so only naturally, it makes sense that there’s an energy gel made from it. Enter the Huma Chia Energy Gel. I just tried these a few weeks ago for the first time and they are pretty good! It was a little weird at first because there are chia seeds in it, so that changes the consistency a bit… but I didn’t mind it at all. I also like that these are all-natural. Bonus!



What are your favorite energy gels for on the run?

Anyone figure out running nutrition? I need your tips! 🙂


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