Welcome to another edition of Fab Fitness Finds! In this series, I share my favorite products that I discovered over the past month… you know, sharing the love so YOU know what to try when you hit the stores. 


>>> VitaFusion Gummies



Remember when you were little and you used to eat your gummy vitamins before going to school? Yeah, me too. 

Now all of these brands are coming out with adult version of gummies! I am SO in love with the VitaFusion Gummies. It tastes like you are eating gummy bears… seriously. I love it because I can satisfy my sweet tooth AND snack on some good-for-you vitamins. Win win!

>>> Mosquitno

Seriously, how terrible are mosquitos? I think we are a little lucky in Austin because our mosquito problem isn’t that bad… at least not compared to other parts of the country like Wisconsin. 

But even so, you DO need protection against these nasty little buggers. In comes Mosquitno



Mosquito is available as either a patch or a bracelet and it lasts for more than one day! Perfect for those wooded camping trips… or those days when you know you’ll be outside a ton. Love these little things! 



>>> Manitoba Harvest Hemp 70 Protein Powder



Especially during marathon training, I am always on the hunt for healthy ways that I can stay full. So far, I’ve uncovered avocados. Goodness, how amazing are these little green fruits?! LOVE. 

I recently tried the Manitoba Harvest Hemp 70 Protein Powder in vanilla and liked that it wasn’t a super strong flavor. I hate when you get a protein shake and all you can taste is that chalkiness… so not cool. 

Anyways, it worked out perfect to have this as a post-run drink and if you are in the market for a vanilla-flavored protein powder, definitely check it out! 


Other loves from this month:


>>>I am Funny Shirts

>>> “Make Success Mandatory” by Jeremy Scott



Please note, I received some of these products to sample for free. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own. 


Have you tried any fun products lately? Details!

Are the mosquitos terrible in your area? What do you do to keep them away? 

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