One of my favorite stores on this planet is Maurices; in fact, it’s the only store that I can find that actually fits these runner thighs and butt of mine. Anyways, they just announced that they launched an active line and I am so excited to check it out (plus, the fact that they used a “real” size girl to announce the launch made me super excited): 



I am always on the hunt for some good workout gear, you can never have enough of that stuff… right? Plus, I feel like in Austin, you can really hit all the different styles because the weather varies so much. 

On that note, I swear that it’s starting to feel like fall (a little bit) down here. Yesterday there was this wonderful little chill in the air that I reveled in all morning… until you know, it hit the 90s and it started to feel boiling. 

But with fall around the corner… that means NYC Marathon is right around the corner!

Only 53 DAYS to go!

So, how am I feeling? This has actually been a really weird training cycle for me. I think because of the hot weather (and the fact that I don’t run well in the heat), my body hasn’t felt “good” about any of the runs I’ve done. They’ve all been “meh” if not worse, and I think that has helped me build up a great mental defense and made me stronger in that aspect. 

That being said, I’m not really sure where I am physically. I have tried to push my pace and hit the numbers required by my training plan. But I’ve missed a few of those numbers, simply because I need to accommodate for the hot weather. 

What I’m hoping, is that once the weather cools down, I’ll have an opportunity to see where I stand. And running in the heat will pay off, meaning that I will be a little faster than I even expect.

Such is the view of an eternal optimist…



Either way, I’m glad to call NYC Marathon #15 and can’t wait to see what the day has in store. If nothing else, it will be a wonderful adventure to head back to our old neighborhood (we are doing Airbnb for the cutest place!) and catch up with our friends up there… and of course, hit up all of our favorite places (this is where I’ll be eating my post-marathon burger). 


Who’s training for a fall marathon? How are you feeling about it? 

What’s the weather like by you? Has fall hit yet? What’s your favorite thing about this season? 

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