Well, hello there Monday. We meet again. 

This weekend was a lot of fun, so I’m not that mad about it being Monday. Sometimes I feel like my weekend was jipped if it’s not that great of a weekend, if that makes sense. 

P.S., We went shopping this weekend and one of the best purchases I made was a new pillow. I feel like it’s really hard to find a good pillow, you know? And it’s important, because without it, your sleep is terrible. 

I absolutely hate shopping at Walmart (for a number of reasons), but when we were at the cabin this summer, we came across a Serta pillow that was amazing. So I finally bit the bullet and got that pillow again. 



I bought the Queen size instead of Standard, and I think it helps that it’s a little bit bigger. Anyways, I found that it’s also on Amazon too. So in case you want the best sleep of your life… 🙂

Today at 9 a.m. ET, I get to throw my name in the hat for next year’s Boston Marathon! If you remember, last year, I missed the registration window by about 30ish seconds. It was such a bummer because it would have a) been my third consecutive Boston and b) it was such a special year (although looking back on it, I’m not sure I would have been emotionally ready for the race after the bombings). 

I am hoping — FINGERS CROSSED — that I am back in the race this year! My qualifying time is 3:31.19 (current PR!) from Wineglass Marathon last year, so I am a lot more “in” than I was for my previous time. 











Do you like flat/firm/fluffy pillows for sleeping? 

Who else is registering for Boston? Did you get in already?

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