Today I am leaving bright and early for New Orleans for a work trip — I’ll be there for the rest of the week. I have never been to New Orleans, so I am excited to see the town (a bit) for when I’m not stuck in the conference center. 

One of the things I hate about traveling for work is figuring out my running/fitness schedule. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on it when I’m at home, but once you hit the road (especially for work), it often takes a backseat. But, with only a few more weeks til the marathon, this can’t be the case!

lora_nyc marathon{I may look happy, but last year’s NYC marathon was painful… I don’t want that to happen again}


To prepare, the first thing I did was make a plan. Making a plan, as simple as it sounds, makes the biggest difference in whether you are successful or not. 

First, I needed to figure out if I wanted to run outside or hit the treadmill at the hotel. But first, let me back up. Here’s what my running schedule looks like through Friday:

Today: 12 miles with 7 miles at half marathon or 15k pace

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 12 mile medium-long run

Friday: 5 mile recovery run


Since they’re longer runs and I don’t know the city that well, I’m opting for the treadmill on today/Thursday. On Friday I am going to attempt a city run throughout New Orleans, but need to do some research on the best places to run.

Which brings me to my next tip: make your packing list. This is something I rarely… OK, never do… but when it comes to getting a good run in while on the road? This is essential. Start early. Figure out what you’re going to wear, what accessories you need (treadmill running = charged iPad + movies/TV shows to watch + earbuds). 

I separated out my running needs vs. my other packing items just to be on the safe side to make sure I had everything.




Sunday night, I focused on making sure my electronics were charged and ready to go. I recommend doing this two days before — that way, you can pack them up the night before and not have to worry about forgetting something that was plugged in.

And lastly, bring your fuel. I have done this a million times, where I travel and am like, “well, I’ll just stop at CVS and grab what I need.” WRONG>>> things get busy, I don’t make it there, and then I end up starving and with a headache. You are better off planning ahead an making sure you bring what you need with. I always bring an empty water bottle to the airport (fill it up after you are through security) along with some snack foods, bars (like PRO BAR), fruit (apples travel well) and protein (nuts).



Some other running tips while traveling:

  • Break your run up: Especially when traveling for work, you may not have a lot of time to yourself throughout the day. You may only be able to run for 20 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Figure that out and how you can squeeze in those longer runs. 
  • Ask the hotel for running route tips: The hotel workers are locals, and they likely know where some good places are to run if you want to run outside. Rely on them to find places to run (make sure you are safe — especially in a new-to-you city, bring safety items like a cell phone!). 
  • Supplement with other exercise: When we go on vacation, I sometimes skip my runs altogether (*gasp*). I like to give myself a break and with everything else that we do, like hiking and walking, I often don’t miss getting in my runs. 
  • Try a running tour: I’ve never done one of these! But they sound so cool and a great way to see a new city. Different organizations like City Running Tours give you a chance to run the city to sightsee, giving you a guide that helps you find all the cool stuff on the way. So cool!
  • Bring water on the run! You don’t know where you can stop to grab water, you don’t know if there are even water stops on the way… keep your runs stress-free and bring water on your runs! I pretty much failed at this in Dallas, but it worked out. 


Any other tips for running while traveling? What’s the longest distance you’ve run on a treadmill? (these 12 milers will be the longest for me… eesh!)

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