Welcome to my first review that’s part of The Great Texas BBQ Tour! You can learn more about the tour HERE and eventually, see more reviews there as well. 

A few weeks ago, our friends were visiting from NYC and we made plans to head out to Hamilton Pool (so pretty!) and well, you basically have to get there right when it opens to get in. So, we kinda missed that but had a good time at the park next door.



Afterwards, I had thought we could head out for some BBQ so suggested we head to Coopers BBQ in Llano, which is supposed to be amazing. Because we waited so long to eat, we were all famished and had to create another back up plan… which is how we ended up at Opie’s Barbecue in Spicewood Springs, TX



Driving up, it looked like any other country BBQ place and there were a lot of cars in the lot, even though it was a little late for lunch. Anyways, when you walk in, there’s a guy standing by the door (maybe Opie himself?) and he asks if you are ready to order. We said yes, and he opens up this big black door to a meat pit and BAM — all the BBQ is just sitting there staring at you. 

We went through and ordered a bit of everything (that was left) — ribs, brisket and sausage — and continued down the way to grab our sides — tater tot casserole, coleslaw and potato salad. 



The price for all that we got (this is for two people — and we had enough for leftovers for one person to take): $30.50 (also a soda for us to split)

In the center of the restaurant, they had a toppings station where you could grab your bread (which we never eat because it just fills you up, meaning less room for meat… trick of the BBQ obsessed) pickles, jalepenos and onions… and baked beans! Free baked beans?! Awesome!



The ribs were really tasty and I loved the brisket — it had a great spice along the outside that added a TON of flavor. The sausage also had a nice spice to it. I wasn’t too in love with the coleslaw (a little too much vinegar for my liking), but I enjoyed the potato salad and the tater tot casserole. Our friends also got some spicy corn and OH MAN, my mouth was on fire. 

What to Know Before Going to Opie’s BBQ

  • Go a little earlier: While we did have a good selection of meat, it looks like they may run out on occasion so better to go for lunch around a normal hour instead of at like 3:30 like we did. 
  • The pit when you walk in: Super cool idea that when you walk in the door, the pit is RIGHT there! It makes it a little overwhelming to pick what meats you want while they are just sitting there waiting for you… 
  • The baked beans are free! This was one of my favorite parts and something that was really unique to Opie’s, haven’t experienced that anywhere else.
  • BYOB: Like most BBQ places in Texas Hill Country, Opie’s BBQ was BYOB. The waitress will put ice in a bucket if you want for your booze, but you have to bring it yourself (otherwise they have soda for you to drink). 


Bottom line: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most amazing BBQ ever, I would give Opie’s a 7. I felt like the prices were right, the tastes were good and it had a pretty fun atmosphere. 

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