I’ve been in New Orleans for work this week, and while most of my time has been spent working (boo), I did get to see the city a little bit. 







We stayed at the Hotel Monteleone, which is in the heart of the French Quarter and a super cool place (a place I wouldn’t stay in normal life). Apparently there’s a ghost kid named Maurice that haunts the 14th floor… oh, and what floor did I stay on? Yep, the 14th floor. 



Plus there’s this super cool bar there — the Carousel Bar — that rotates like a carousel and each of the chairs has a different animal painted on the back (apparently it used to be a call girl place and that’s how men selected the women — “I’ll have the zebra”). 

I hit the treadmill a couple of times for my runs. The view wasn’t bad to look at, actually:




I did 12 miles when we got in on Tuesday and seriously, I can’t believe I lasted that long! I watched the “Fed Up” documentary during the run, so I think that helped a ton. Full review of that coming soon! I was also supposed to do a 12 miler yesterday, but my legs were so. so. so. sore that I was a little scared to run that far in fear of doing some damage to my muscles — yes, the pain was that bad! So instead, I opted for the easy five miles I was supposed to run today and gave myself an extra rest day before tomorrow’s 20 miler. Thinking it was a smart decision!

We also hit Bourbon Street and girls, I learned a secret to getting beads… all you have to do is wave and people throw them at you, although I think I’m the only one that figured that out (or preferred that way). 



And what’s a trip to New Orleans without beignets? 



Or Pecan Pie (from Commander’s Palace — so good!)?




Have you ever been to New Orleans? What was your favorite part? 

What are you looking forward to most this weekend? We are going to go see a CAVE!! 


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