Today I had my second 20 miler on the calendar. This was a really long week so last night I was happy to finally sleep in my own bed and get some good sleep. I woke up at 6 a.m., had a small breakfast (toast + honey almond butter), grabbed my Nuun and headed out the door. 

It was humid, but the first seven miles were pretty good. My quads were still hurting from my treadmill run earlier this week, and it wasn’t until mile 9 when the pain started. I stopped to stretch them out a few times, which seemed to help for a bit, and then I ran by my last chance to head home and since the stretches didn’t seem to make them any better, I decided to cut it short. 

12 miles, not 20 miles. 

In my first few marathons, this would have been devastating mentally. By time I got home, I would have been crying and starting to doubt myself for the marathon. 

The difference now is that I know there will be another 20 miler to prove myself. That instead of pushing through, and damaging my quads even more, it was a better decision to cut myself a break and give myself the rest that I need. 

So, while it was a fail, was it really? Well, if you read all of those inspirational quotes that say “never give up” … “if you have to crawl to finish, do it” … etc… yes, it was a fail.

However, back to real life. The biggest thing I’ve learned over the past 14 marathon training cycles (plus two more than I didn’t complete) is that you need to listen to your body… a bad training run is often a sign that something isn’t going right. The two that I didn’t complete? I didn’t do that, ended up severely injured and sat on the sidelines… which is a far worst feeling than cutting a run short. 



Time to get over this bad training run and roll, stretch, roll! 


Did you run today? How did it go? 

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 

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