A few weeks ago, I saw that Janji opened their applications for the ambassador team and I applied… checking my email on the hour every single day after the deadline to find out if I was accepted into the team… 

…and I WAS!!!

In case you don’t know who Janji is, they have a really awesome mission: 

Mike and Dave knew that runners were charitable, but they saw that philanthropic running begins – and unfortunately ends – on race day. Janji is different. Through Janji’s high performance apparel, runners fund solutions and raise awareness for the global water crisis in a lasting and meaningful way. Rather than racing for a cause on just one day, Janji lets runners give back through their everyday training.


Each of their shirts are designed to represent the country that it supports. For example, one of my favorites:



With the purchase of this shirt, you can provide one year of clean water to a person in Haiti. The flamingo on this shirt is the Greater Flamingo, which is native to Janji.

I absolutely love that they’ve found a way to turn a “necessity” (because let’s be honest, you need good quality running clothes) into a way to give back to those in need. They have a bunch of really cool styles and colors. I am so honored to be part of this great organization and help spread the word about all the good they are doing for communities around the world (as well as in the U.S.). 

If you want to support this awesome organization, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — and of course, check out their online store here. 


Have you heard of Janji before? What’s your favorite item in their store? 


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