I had a completely post planned for today (it included “DIY”… for another day!)… I feel like the past few days have been filled with lots of excitement, so let’s just continue. 



Hello, Boston Marathon 2015!

I am SO excited to be headed back up to Boston to run this race for the 4th time… it is such an honor to be able to run this race! The past week has been filled with pins and needles and I’m glad the wait is over.

I am sad that not everyone who qualified for the race will be able to run it in 2015. It takes a LOT of work to qualify for Boston, a lot of focus and a ton of dedication… hell, that’s true for any marathon! But when you are so close, knowing that you put in the work and beat the qualifying standard and there’s just not enough room, it doesn’t feel fair. 

But, you know what? That’s life. It’s hard and it doesn’t seem right. But it just means you need to work harder. Take it to the next level. Make it so you aren’t a “squeaker” but instead, you have a solid standing (that’s my goal for 2016 application!). 

Year after year, the Boston Athletic Association astounds me with their professionalism. In 2012, when they faced the hottest temperatures ever for the April race, they were extremely classy in their communication to runners, still hosting the race but with the understanding that it was not a day to PR. 

And, well, the bombings… I really want to give the BAA a round of applause for how they handled everything surrounding those horrendous events. They always kept the runners in mind, and never faltered on their communication. 

Last year brought a new challenge… more racers than spots available. And yet, they continue to deliver a consistent message and keep it classy. 

So, kudos, BAA. This is the exact reason why the Boston Marathon is the most prestigious in the world… and why, year after year, it always feels like an honor to have your name posted to the entry list, whether it’s your first or your 13th race with the organization. 


Who else will be running Boston Marathon 2015? Will it be your first? 

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