The Great Texas BBQ Tour continues…

If you’ve ever heard anything about Texas BBQ, you’ve probably heard about Salt Lick BBQ. I believe they are one of the best known BBQ pitmasters in the state, and rightfully so. 

Even though they’ve expanded to a few different locations (including one in Round Rock), we wanted to go to the original location, which is located just east of Austin (a short drive away, about 30-40 minutes) in Driftwood, TX. When you get there, you get a buzzer and they tell you approximately how long the wait will be (about 45 minutes for us). Then, you can sit outside and listen to the live music (this is Austin, after all!) and enjoy some of your BYOB. 


The wait went by relatively fast, even though it was hot outside. Which, once they grab you for your table, makes that room feel oh-so-much better. It felt like walking into an ice box… relief! And it’s cool when you walk in, you see their BBQ pits — which smell amazing.




They have a menu with several different options (i.e., BBQ sandwiches), but we went for the buffet which was $21.95 per person. 

The buffet included all-you-can-eat beef brisket, sausage, pork ribs, potato salad, cole slaw and beans. Of course, the usual sides — onions, jalapenos, pickles and bread — are available. 


Among my favorites at Salt Lick include the sausage and the brisket — both were extremely tasty! The cole slaw was alright, but I’ve had better, and same with the potato salad. I did love their pickles — they actually gave you spears! 






We also had to finish it off by trying the pecan pie — which was eaten so fast I didn’t have a chance to get a picture! It was pretty tasty. 

What to Know Before Going to Salt Lick BBQ

  • The waits can be CRAZY! We were lucky to wait for less than an hour, but I have heard that the wait can be up to two hours! This is often the case on important days, like graduations and holiday weekends. So, be prepared for that. 
  • BYOB. It is BYOB so make sure to pack a cooler with your favorite brew or alcoholic drink. 
  • It is cash only. Yep, only cash! They do have an ATM on site, but if you want to avoid paying the fees, bring cash. 
  • The family style (all you can eat) is where it’s at. Yes, there are other options on the menu, but to truly taste everything that Salt Lick has to offer, you need to get the all you can eat option. Plus, the best part? You get to take your leftovers home with you! 


Bottom Line: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most amazing BBQ in this world, I would give Salt Lick BBQ an 7.5. I absolutely love the overall ambiance of the place (live music + patio seating) and it’s more about the experience rather than the food. That being said, the BBQ still had a standout flavor and the sausage is among the best I’ve tasted, but I wish the sides had more flavor. 

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