Hello, October! October is my favorite month, it always has been for some reason. I think because it’s the “official” start of fall and when I lived in Wisconsin, it meant that we got the best brisk fall days. The leaves are starting to change and there’s just that fallness in the air! 


Anyways, that doesn’t mean that September wasn’t a fun month. But at the same time, I must ask, where in the world did the month go?! Perhaps there were so many great moments that it just went slipping by (plus I feel like I was in a stupor of sleepiness thanks to the training plan)… 

Some of my favorite posts for the month:










And September goals update… let’s just keep it short and sweet: little progress. Sad face, I know! 


What’s your favorite month? What are you looking forward to this month?

What did you love about September?

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