I rescheduled my not-so-awesome 20 miler (that turned into a 12’er) a few weeks ago to today. I’ve been struggling with allergies all week (seriously, do they ever just go away entirely? I never had allergies until we moved to Austin and they are rough!), but my legs were all like this when I woke up this morning:


On the other hand, my nose, chest, lungs, sinuses and everything else in the head region were feeling like this:



I was bound and determined to get this run in (thank you to my German stubbornness…), and knew that it was likely not going to be one of my greatest runs. I was totally OK with the idea of having to walk and knew that I wouldn’t be setting any records. 

After fueling up with a bagel + almond butter (so yum), stocking my water bottle with Nuun Energy, I was set to go. I got a later start than usual, but even so, the weather was PERFECT. I am totally loving this fall-ness in the air down here. 

My best miles were probably 7-12, I think I only coughed a few times and the sneezing was minimal. From there on, it just went downhill. I even thought about blowing my nose with a leaf (has anyone done that? good idea?). I went off the beaten trail and decided to explore a new area, which was probably the best decision I made all day because it was less about my run and more about the new sights. I also came across this new-to-me park area that was so serene and awesome… I will be going back for sure. 

Finally, finally, FINALLY I hit 20 miles and I was never so happy to a) turn off my Garmin or b) eat a cough drop. Perhaps this is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done… but at the same time, I know my stubbornness will pay off mentally on race day (wall at mile 20 = you made it this far when you were dying with allergies! you can do it). 

I have another 20 miler up next weekend (I always like to do one as my last “long run” before taper) and we will be up in Minneapolis for a wedding. That means the weather will be amazing, my allergies will be cured, and I will ROCK it. Right?!

Time to pancake it up, hydrate like crazy and get ready for ACL! (Eminem tonight) <— this may be a reason why my allergies are being so annoying, my body needs to learn I don’t have time to take a break and deal with its sickness.


Anyone suffer from allergies? Do you always get them or do they go away at some point? 

Who has a marathon this month? Are you in taper stage yet?

What are you doing today?!

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