Yesterday I read an amazing article from Remy’s World (do you read him? good for a few laughs) about his month off running. We’ve all been there, maybe not for a month, but for at least a week. 

My favorite out of the entire article: 

It’s funny how, over time, running can come to seem like its own entity – like a friend. It’s there with you through good times and rotten ones, sickness and health, helping you get by and sort out your problems. Sometimes you love it and sometimes you hate its guts, but you always stick together, and are stronger for it. And of course you begin to take it for granted until it isn’t there anymore. 


So very true. And something that I think a lot of people (okay, like everyone) thinks runners are crazy for. 


I cannot believe this is for real:


NYC Marathon is coming up SO fast! I was feeling great with my training until these allergies or cold hit… ugh. That should pass soon, so I have a bigger question on my mind:

What should I eat the morning of? 


This is something I’ve struggled with marathon after marathon. I thought I had it figured out — bagel with almond butter — but, well, my gut doesn’t like the almond butter that well and I don’t want to risk it on race day. So, what do you eat? Any suggestions? 


And in case you missed it, PRO Compression announced its October sock of the month and it’s literally the bomb dot com. I am obsessed with this color combination!



I seriously think it’s the best sock that they’ve launched so far. P.S. If you are thinking about adding them to your collection, save 40% when you enter coupon code BOOM at checkout!


Are you counting down until race day? How many days for you? 

Favorite way to fuel in the AM? Before a race or in general? 

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