The great people over at GRACEDBYGRIT sent me a pair of its Kick Your Butt Short to try out on my quest to PR at the NYC Marathon.



I’ve worn them on a few of my runs, including that super long run last weekend. My absolute favorite thing about these shorts is the incredible fit. I would describe it as a feminine fit… meaning that they are designed for women to wear. I love wearing running clothes that look good on my body, because it helps me feel good when I run. And these have a great fit. 



In addition to the light fabric, another one of my favorites about these shorts is the pocket in the back. It had more than enough run for me to stuff my gel… I could have easily fit my keys and a few other things. And on top of that, I didn’t feel the dreaded bounce that weighs down shorts and make them uncomfortable. It was easy to forget that the gel was there (and I did, so it went through the wash. Oops). 

Plus, there are pockets in the front… that are tucked in just like the back pocket. So it means less bouncing around and more comfort, which is another added bonus!

There are a few other great qualities about these shorts:

•   UPF 50+
•   Waistband is made of our compression fabric for extra support
•   Inside panty liner is made in our quick dry mesh for added comfort and breathability
•   Each Kick Your Butt Short comes with a safety whistle
•   Reflective logo on front and back for high visibility

All products that are purchased from GRACEDBYGRIT come with its safety whistle, which can be secured through the loop on the back pocket so you can easily grab if you need it. I love that the whistle itself is flat and not an awkward shape. 

I will definitely be adding these to my rotation for future runs! I know they will come in handy during those hot summer days in Austin that will be back before I know it. I also have a few other items on my wishlist from GRACEBYGRIT, I absolutely love their mission and how much they invest in making each product meet the needs of athletic women. 



Please note, while GRACEDBYGRIT sent me a pair of shorts to try, all opinions are my own!


Have you ever heard of GRACEDBYGRIT? What are some things that you look for when buying running shorts? 

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